Friday, October 3, 2014

Blog Entry 6

      When it comes to overall blog presentation, I was especially fond of's overall appearance.  I particularly liked the fact that Kristen used titles to name each individual blog post as supposed to the generic "Blog Entry 5".  This is something that I will take into consideration when creating my own blogs in the future because I consider a well-placed title more visually appealing.  The pictures she chose to supplement the text of her blog additionally work to complement her arguments and opinions.  I also like how Kristen grabs the reader with her blog entries and turns them into an enthralling story, rather than a boring, weekly obligation.  Overall, I find Kristen's work to be the blog I like the most.
          I would have to say that I like's blog entry entitled "Snow White: A Tale of Hope" the most.  Hannah fully answers the questions that were asked, and consequently does so in an intelligent, organized manner.  While pointing out the differences between the Grimm version and the Disney film, I like that she specifically highlights how the title of the Disney movie, "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs", accounts for the greater emphasis put on the characters of the dwarfs in this 1937 film.  Although it seems so obvious, I don't know if I have ever actually put that fact together.  Her entry is also visually appealing and shows evidence of pre-planning.

            After viewing all the blogs, I would say that there needs to be an improvement when it comes to answering the questions fully and with personal insight.  Although there is a balance  between elaborating too much and just the right amount, "short and sweet" answers don't always do it justice when the proposed question still needs to be fully answered.  By not answering the question, you are only cheating yourself and quite possibly your grade.

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