Saturday, November 29, 2014

Going Back in Time...

     Looking back on all the blogs I have written and the material we have covered throughout the semester, I am pleasantly surprised with the amount of information I have been taught.  In the very beginning of the semester, we worked as a class to ascertain what is the true meaning of a fairy tale.  As a direct result of the discussions in class, I defined my own personal interpretation of what it means to be a fairy tale in the second blog.  Having this foundational definition was very crucial before moving forward and delving into the analytical process of numerous specific fairy tales.  Some of these covered were "Hansel and Gretel", "Cinderella", and "Snow White", where I upheld the true nature of the course and compared the original Grimm tale to the Disney film adaptation.  During the week that we discussed "Cinderella", we analyzed my favorite fairy tale on a much deeper level by proving the assertion that the tale follows the common motif of "rags to riches through magic and marriage".  Near the middle of the course, we were instructed to evaluate other class member's blogs
in an attempt to critically view our own and the progress we have made so far.  By perusing the other blogs, I was not only able to measure my own growth up against that of my classmate's, but also I was able to see their opinions and analytical interpretations, many differing from my own.

     Continuing with a look at different fairy tales, we covered "The Frog King", "Little Red Cap", the Bluebeard tales, and "Rapunzel" as topics for our blog posts.  Whether comparing the tale of "Cupid and Psyche" to "The Frog King" in blog seven or finding cartoons that highlighted motifs within the tales of "Little Red Cap" and "Rapunzel" in blogs eight and ten respectively, I gained a better perspective on the stories and the meaning behind the transition from print to film.  In my very first blog, I stated that it was my wish to
see how Disney was able to spin the rather dark, original stories of the Brothers Grimm in such a positive light for an audience primarily comprised of young children.  Now, scanning through my brain and blogs at all the information we have covered in this class, I feel as though I have met and even surpassed this original goal of mine.  I have most indeed learned the ways and methods in which Disney altered the original tales, but I have additionally analyzed the texts and films at a much deeper level, sometimes more than was expected.  But it is through these thorough investigations where I have truly learned the most valuable data and obtained skills in order to take with me into future courses throughout college and beyond.

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