Friday, August 29, 2014

Blog Entry 1

     I listed this course as my number one choice for my FYS because I have always taken a particular liking to reading the tales of the Brothers Grimm in my German classes throughout high school.  My German teachers would alternate the material in our regular curriculum with a few classic Grimm fairy tales.  Some that I remember most are Der Froschk√∂nig, Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten, and Hansel und Gretel.  It was surprising to read the rather unhappy endings that were associated with these Grimm tales because I was not exposed to the Brothers Grimm growing up as a child.  As with many parents who shelter their children from the dark truths written by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, my parents were only concerned with sharing the happy endings to my sister, brother, and I.  Nonetheless, my exposure to the German versions of some of the most famous fairy tales fueled my curiosity to see how Disney truly spun the stories in such a positive light.  Therefore, I hope to learn throughout the course of this seminar how Disney was able to change the original stories of the Brothers Grimm into films appropriate for children of all ages without, shall we say, plagiarizing to a degree.  I also wouldn't mind reading more of Jacob and Wilhelm's famous tales, and lining them up with their Disney counterparts. 
     My favorite fairy tale would have to be Cinderella.  There are multiple reasons for why I like this fairy tale, but to start, I have liked Cinderella as a character ever since I was a young child.  Growing up, I loved the color blue, and her beautiful blue ball gown sold that specific Disney movie for me.  As I got older, I began to develop more justifiable grounds for liking the fairy tale.  I admired her work ethic and ability to make the most of every experience despite her being targeted from every angle by her abusive family.  Like in every Disney movie (I think, at least), she manages to find her 
happily ever after in the end.  And after what she went through, I felt like I could do anything if I set my mind to it and kept in high spirits.